Fahrenheit 442 – “Una Dea senza tempo”

SARNICO - 9 July 2022 in Eventi

Saturday 9 July, at 8.00 pm, at Stella Maris, Stefano Serpellini, Luciano Ravasio, Stefano Corsi and Franco Locatelli talk about the book “Una Dea senza tempo”.

We asked 12 writers and journalists, Atalanta fans and enthusiasts to write a portrait of a player plus a coach who, added together, make up a “sentimental selection of Atalanta of all time”.
Each chapter will be a “close up” portrait of a figure – not necessarily one of the strongest or most famous ones – who for the author has marked a particular meaning in his own history as a lover of the Goddess.
The selection was agreed so as to compose a complete team, from the goalkeeper to the forwards, in addition to the presence of a coach, who also tells the broadest chronological span of the history of the company, from the 1950s to the present day.


Festival Fahrenheit.pdf