Guided tour at the “Castello dei Conti di Calepio”

CASTELLI CALEPIO - 27 September 2020 in Eventi

Sunday 27 September 2020, at 3.30 pm, there will be the opportunity to visit the Casello dei Conti di Calepio in the village of Castelli Calepio. The visit lasts about 90 minutes. The Castle Manager will guide you to discover the residence of the Counts and is at your disposal also for the use of the Castle, for public and private initiatives.

The tour offers a historical look at the charm of the area. The castle is located near other places of interest including, just 5 km away, Lake Iseo. There are all the conditions to make a nice walk out of town! The visits take place in compliance with various health precautions and reservations are required. Full information on the castle website.

Reservations are required at +39 331.7531149 before 2.30 pm.

Ticket: full price 10,00 euros.

The proceeds support the activities of the “Conti Calepio” Foundation.