67th Bird and Hunting Dog Fair

SARNICO - 15 August 2024 in Eventi

Thursday 15th August 2024, at the Lido Nettuno in Sarnico there will be the 67th Birds and Hunting Dogs Fair.

The Bird and Hunting Dog Fair will begin at 5.00 am with the Registrations of Competitors for the AMOV Championship. At 6.00 am the traditional singing competition will begin, with chanterelles, redwings, blackbirds, finches, larks, thrushes and goldfinches and siskins taking center stage.

The AMOV jury will judge the best singers and will reward the winners at 9.30 am.

At 10.00 am there will be a performance by the master clucker Loris Dal Maistro, who will faithfully reproduce the singing of the calls both with his free mouth and with the aid of particular whistles.

From 9.30 am to 3.30 pm there will be the opportunity to observe the expert trainers of birds of prey of the Do.C Falconry group: during the event it will be possible to take photographs, for example, of the beautiful golden eagle, ask questions to the falconers about this very ancient form of hunting and some lucky people will even be able to experience the thrill of holding a hawk or an owl on their wrist.

Registration for the dog show will begin at 1.00 pm and will close at 2.30 pm. The jury's exam and awards ceremony will follow.

From 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm you can attend demonstrations of retrieving work with Retriever dogs, proposed by the trainers of Attività Cinofile Anselmi.

Bar and restaurant open from 6.00am to 6.00pm.