Fahrenheit 442 – 1st evening

SARNICO - 14 June 2024 in Eventi

The Festival of Football Literature and Culture – Fahrenheit 442 will be inaugurated on Friday June 14th at 7.00 pm in Piazza Umberto I in Sarnico.


7.00 pm: inauguration with aperitif

8.00 pm: presentation of Filippo Galli's new book “Il mio calcio eretico”

Filippo Galli has marked the greatest players in the history of football, from Platini to Maradona. He played together with Baresi, Maldini, Van Basten and Gullit. He was youth manager of Milan's spring team. Filippo Galli, between personal anecdotes and football lessons, tells us his story as a protagonist in one of the most glorious teams of all time and how children and young people are put in a position to learn to "play" football. A football teacher who opens up to memories and is the bearer of a pedagogy attentive to the development of the person and talent.

9.00 pm: presentation of Gianfelice Facchetti's book “Capitani. Myths, examples, flags”

Symbols of loyalty, representing the colors and glory of a club. Gianfelice Facchetti tells the story, anecdotes and virtues of football captains, capable of igniting the collective imagination of fans, from the origins of football to the less romantic football-business of today.


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