Fahrenheit 442 – 2nd evening

PARATICO - 15 June 2024 in Eventi

On Saturday 15th June, the second evening of the Festival of Football Literature and Culture - Fahrenheit 442 will be held at the Municipal Park of Paratico.


7.00 pm: aperitif
7.30 pm: presentation of the book “Crime and Punishment. Italy at Euro 2000" of the Reason of State.

Ironic, irreverent and cautiously nostalgic, the new book of the Reason of State tells the story of a team that on an afternoon in Amsterdam in 2000 blatantly violates the laws of football and life, believing they can get away with it with all-Italian football cunning, thinking they can having achieved the perfect crime on penalties against the home team.

9.00 pm: live screening of the debut of the Italian national team at the 2024 European Championships against Albania
11.00 pm: post-match comments by Stefano Borghi and Deborah Schirru.

Commentary on the debut match of the Italian national football team led by Mister Luciano Spalletti at the 2024 German European Championship.
Stefano Borghi and Deborah Schirru, commentators and television commentators for Sky and Dazn, accompany us in the analysis of the match of the reigning champions against Albania of the Brazilian coach Sylvinho and prepare us for the second match of the group stage against the Spanish national team.

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