Sardine Food Festival

TAVERNOLA - 11 July 2024 in Eventi

Back to Tavernola Bergamasca, in Gallinarga locality, the SARDINE FOOD FESTIVAL.

1st weekend: from 11th to 14th July
2nd weekend: from 18th to 21st July

Kitchen open every evening from 6.30 pm


Musical PROGRAM - 9.00 pm:

Thursday 11th: 360° cover band "Daria love Rock"
Friday 12th: musical evening with "Dj Morgan"
Saturday 13th: musical evening with "Standard Orchestra"
Sunday 14th: musical evening with "Standard Orchestra"

Thursday 18th: tribute to "I Nomadi" with "Origini Nomadi"
Friday 19th: musical evening with "Alberto Dimensione Musica"
Saturday 20th: musical evening with "Fisaorchestra I Conquistador"
Sunday 21st: musical evening with "Orchestra Orchidei Band"



Organizer: Pro-Loco Tavernola Bergamasca
Cell: +39 348 2933932